Moving Mistakes

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Relocation is a serious task, and if you aren’t properly prepared for it, you can end up with big expenses, and even bigger headaches! Moving requires you to plan ahead and stay organized. Here are five of the top Houston house moving mistakes that you need to avoid.

Know What You’re Getting Into

Research your new area thoroughly. While the neighborhood may have nice homes, and convenient shopping, what about the really important stuff? Have you rated the schools? Checked out the crime statistics? Cruise through the area on the weekend. Check out the activity at local parks, and see how much pedestrian traffic goes through the neighborhood. Doing this will help you determine if the area is right for you before you commit to a home.

When Your Cup Runneth Over

Sometimes, too much of something can be a good thing…Not when you’re moving! Overstuffing boxes is one of the main mistakes people make as they prepare to move. Filling them too full not only compromises the box itself, and increases the risk of the bottom falling out, but it makes them far bulkier, and more difficult to move. Pack boxes within a few inches of the top. The box flaps should be able to close evenly over the top without any items poking through.

Weekend Warrior

While it seems logical to try and get your move done over the weekend, experts agree that this is one of the worst times! Plan ahead and get a few days off during the week. Traffic on the roads will be much lighter, and kids are in school. Weekdays are also better for utility workers (cable, electric, water, etc.) to make firmer time commitments to meet you at your new home for any service hook-ups.

Last Minute Mayhem

Folks get so busy in their day to day lives, that they tend to put off packing until days before the move. Most people don’t realize just how much “stuff” they have until they start pulling it all out from cupboards, closets, and garages. Packing right can take time. In the weeks leading up to the move, set aside just an hour every evening to pack one large box a night. By moving day, you’ll be amazed at how much you’ve gotten done

When Being Frugal Just Doesn’t Pay Off

The number one mistake people make when they move is thinking that it will be cheaper and easier to do it themselves. Moving your home with your car and a friend’s borrowed truck takes multiple trips back and forth, guzzles up your gas money, and leaves you with an aching back! Enlist the services of a reputable moving company that has trained professionals to load, move, and unload your items stress-free.

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