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As we prepare for a move, there are many things we have to think of. We know Fluffy and Fido will be coming to our new home, but have we really carefully planned out just how we will get them there? Pets are an extended part of our family, and as living creatures, their comfort and care during a move is of utmost importance. Here are some things to think about when moving pets.

You’re Putting Me Where?!

If your dog or cat isn’t used to kennel crating, moving day is NOT the day to introduce them to it. Borrow or purchase your crates several weeks before the move, and let your pet become familiar with it. Place small treats inside, or a favorite blanket or toy. Let your four-legged friend check it out at his own pace, and don’t force things. Once the animal has had a few days to get used to the look and smell, start putting him in it for very short periods of time, like when you have to run a quick errand. When you come back, let him out, and reward him with lots of affection! This will let your pet understand that the crate is a safe place, and that you will be back to see him again soon!

Don’t Create Kitty and K-9 Chaos

On moving day, keep the pets out of the mover’s way, by keeping them crated in a quiet room away from moving noise and traffic. They will feel safe and secure in the now-familiar crates. By keeping them isolated, they will not get underfoot of anyone moving boxes or furniture, and cause an accident, or have an opportunity to escape out of an open door in the home.

Consider Identification

Before your big move, be sure to update your pet’s tags with all of your new information, and as much as possible. Consider including your home, cell, and work numbers. You can find great pet tags for a reasonable price at If your pet has a microchip, be sure to contact the manufacturer to update the information stored on it. If you have misplaced the number to contact the chip manufacturer, just ask your vet, and they can help!

Plan A Sleepover

If your move takes you some distance, you’ll need to stop for the night. Plan your trip in advance, and map out good stopping points where you and your pets can get out, and have a stretch. As night falls, be sure that your hotel will allow both you AND your furry friends to stay over. Check out to find over 20,000 pet-friendly places to stay.

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