Moving an Aquarium

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You have found a new home, your boxes are packed, and you are anxiously waiting for moving day. All of the preparation it takes to move across town or across the country is bound to make a few waves — But that’s the LAST thing you want if you’re moving an aquarium! Relocating our fish friends requires careful planning and research. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you get ready to sail off to your new home!

There’s No Place like Home

As you move your fish, try to keep their habitat as familiar as possible. Make plans to be able to have their tank ready as soon as you arrive at your new place, so that the fish can move right back into their home. After you initially remove the fish from their tank, it is best to house them in an opaque container, as they will be less active in the darker environment, and will be less prone to stress.

Ready Set Go!

Take water from your fish tank, and fill the temporary habitat with that. Be sure to include an aeration system, as well as a heater if necessary. If you have plants in the tank, transfer a few plant stems to the temporary home, to reduce the shock the fish will feel in this new space. Continue to empty the aquarium, and then carefully dry out the inside to prepare for transport. Talk to your movers about handling the aquarium. They are professionals, and they will know just how to expertly load, move, and unload this large but very fragile item.

It’s All in the Details

Waiting at the new location, you’ll want a pre-selected, sturdy, level spot where the tank will be housed. Be sure to place it near power outlets, or have extension cords at the ready. Your tank has lots of equipment that will need to be up and running when the fish arrive. Be sure to carefully clean out the inside of the tank to ensure it is toxin-free and to remove any dirt or other matter that may have gotten in during the move. As you fill the tank with freshwater, make certain to do all of the necessary tests to check the water’s integrity. Check for temperature, pH, salinity, and chlorine levels to make sure they are all where they need to be.

Sit Back, and Enjoy the Show

Once your fish have been transplanted back into their home at the new location, take some time for yourself! The boxes can wait until tomorrow. Put some blankets on the floor, order out for delivery dinner, and enjoy the reassuring rattle and hum that you so love about your aquarium. This time of rest and relaxation will assure that tomorrow’s task of unpacking will go just swimmingly

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