Our Values

Our Mission

We will ensure every client has a successful, stress-free moving experience.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the best and most highly sought-after relocation company in the Houston area, because we are honest people who provide top-notch service simply because we genuinely care and recognize that we are not just moving someone’s stuff – it's their life.  We want to rebuild the consumer’s confidence in the moving industry.

Our Values

how we lead

how we behave

We Build + Inspire Our Team

by selecting great talent, capturing their hearts and minds, and empowering them to grow.

We have Integrity

We are intentional in all we do. We act with dignity, honesty, and respect. ALWAYS.

We Assume Positive Intent

We believe that most folks have good intentions at heart and approach each situation in this manner.

We love Teamwork

We are scrappy – we may be small, but we set a goal and we achieve it by any means necessary.

We Embrace change

by continuing to evolve and innovate our offerings, processes, and procedures (even when it is difficult).

We hold ourselves and others accountable

We own it – by meeting commitments, making priorities and expectations clear and providing feedback. There are no excuses!

We Create Blue Ox Fans

We strive to deliver a moving experience that is the best in the industry. We leave our clients with a smile and appreciate every referral that is sent our way.

We exude Positive Energy

We are passionate about our jobs and create an environment that embraces this - positive energy is contagious and we want to leave everyone we encounter with a smile.

We Deliver Results through Execution

We are tenacious - we know and use our tools and best practices to drive consistently excellent results.

We Coach each other and our Teams

We want to improve the skillset, confidence, and capabilities of everyone in our organization. The more we all know - the better we are.

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