Disaster Restoration services

Specializing in contents cleaning for homes or businesses damaged by fire or water.


Contents Cleaning

We clean your contents onsite or offsite depending on your needs to ensure they are clean and free from contaminants when they are returned to your home.

Damage Assessment

We asses the damage to your items, determining what can be salvaged in order to help you retain as many of your belongings as possible.

Temporary Storage

We provide temporary storage for your contents during home repair to take the task off your plate.

Fire & Water Restoration

We help prevent lasting damage by removing soot and smoke residue for fire losses, as well as properly cleaning and drying items damaged in a water loss.

Serving the Greater Houston Area

We are here to serve Houston, as well as our neighbors in Galveston, Baytown, and Huntsville.

Who We Serve


Homeowners who have experienced fire and/ or flood loss (no matter the extent of damage) oftentimes find themselves frustrated, anxious or scared.

We understand that and are here to help. A home is a refuge, the one place that offers a haven from a sometimes turbulent world.

And our household items are our memories in physical form, with stories and emotions attached to each item.



Consider the meals and conversations shared around the kitchen table, the crib that your children have slept in over the years, the stockpot your grandma used to cook your favorite meals that you now prepare for your own family, and that stuffed animal that comforts your child at night. These little things mean A LOT.

After all, Mom taught us that it's what's on the inside that counts. That's why our restoration service focuses on everything inside the structure, the items that make your house a home.

Insurance Adjusters

We serve Insurance Adjusters who are looking for a reliable contents cleaning company to restore their clients' items rather than discarding them and spending more money on brand-new items.

Contents Cleaning, by comparison, costs much less and is just as important to your clients.


As an insurance adjuster, your concern for restoring their household items shows your humanity as a company. There are some things that money can't buy, such as the memories and experiences that a client's household items represent.

By referring them to our contents cleaning services, you are giving them back the control and comfort they need after experiencing such a life-changing loss.

Experiencing an unexpected loss due to fire, water, mold, or severe weather is a life-changing event that requires immediate attention and action

Blue Ox Restoration offers contents cleaning and restoration services for your treasured household goods in the event of such a loss. Our contents restoration specialists are available 24/7 to meet you on-site at the time of your loss to assess the extent of damage and the scope of work involved to get you and your family back to normal.

During this initial visit and over the course of the job, your Project Manager will

  • Determine which items can be restored to their pre-loss condition and which items are non-restorable.

    • We will perform contents cleaning with our state-of-the-art equipment and special chemicals. Our contents restoration team will also clean individual items by hand. If the damage to an item is too severe and unable to return to pre-loss condition, we will inventory the item as unsalvageable for your insurance
    • If there is something near and dear to your heart - please bring it to our attention so that we can expedite the restoration of said item and get it back in your hands quickly.
  • Work closely with you to schedule the pack-out of the contents of your home

    • Our restoration team will carefully pack the items that are ready to be stored while your home is under construction. Whether it is family heirlooms, photos, clothing, or furniture - we take the time to inventory and prepare each item for safe transport.
    • We use the industry leading contents tracking software, Contents Track, to ensure your belongings are well cared for and you have peace of mind knowing exactly where your items are during the entire process.
  • Make sure the team delivers your household goods back to our state of the art storage warehouse, where everything will be securely stored in our vaults until your home is ready for move in.

    • Our warehouse is climate controlled, has a security system, surveillance cameras, and no public access.
  • Schedule the delivery of your stored items with full unpacking services

    • With the photos that were taken prior to move out, we know exactly where everything goes and our team members will place each item back in its place, making the transition back into your home more organic and comfortable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use the restoration company my insurance refers?

This is one of the most common restoration FAQs we hear. The answer is no! It is your choice which restoration company you use. Even if it is implied by your insurance adjuster, you get final say which company you want to restore your property to pre-damage state.

How much does contents restoration cost?

The cost of water damage restoration varies based on the type of water, the duration of saturation, if mold is present, and the extent of the damage.

For other types, like fire and smoke damage, it's based on the extent of damage and materials affected. We will give you a more specific estimate after we assess the property.

We use the same industry leading software that insurance companies use to determine costing when it comes to a loss, which means we speak the lingo. We will work directly with your insurance company for payment processing, which means less 'out of pocket' expenses for you.

Should I file a claim with my insurance company?

We cannot tell you whether to file a claim or not. You'll need to evaluate how the claim will affect your premiums before deciding to file. It's important to talk to your insurance company so you understand how they handle claims on your policy.

Can you bill my insurance company directly?

Yes! At Blue Ox Restoration, we work with all adjusters and insurance providers. Our company will work closely with your insurance provider to ensure you get the settlement you need, and repair work is done as quickly as possible.

We use state of the art estimating software for both fire and water damage claims. Because we use this insurance-industry software and our team has IICRC industry training, it's easy for insurance companies to process the paperwork. In other words, we speak their language which reduces confusion.

What specifically will you repair/ clean?

Blue Ox Restoration will assess damage onsite and decide what can be salvaged. From there we offer complete contents restoration for your household items.

Some examples of what we clean include (but are not limited to): dishes, picture frames, furniture, electronics, artwork, clothing, china, silver, toys, rugs, bed frames…. As long as it's salvageable - we can clean it.

Can you give me some benefits of the program?

The ability to restore items rather than replace them allows those of greater monetary and sentimental value to stay with you.

Many of us are passed down heirlooms and antiques that mean more to us than others. Those items cannot be replaced. Using restoration services increases the chances of having those items for many years to come. We offer:

  • Onsite or offsite contents cleaning
  • Item assessment
  • Temporary Storage
  • Fire and Water Restoration

Using restoration services increases the chances of having those items for many years to come.

How long will my content restoration project take?

Each job is different depending on the scope of work and the severity of contents/conditions. Every situation is different. Whether your items are damaged from water or fire, we assess the items onsite, and clean/restore items as severity dictates.

Your project manager will keep you updated every step of the way as the work progresses.

Will you pick up and deliver?

Yes, we will pick up contents to be cleaned in our "Clean Room" then deliver back. We also have availability for short term storage if you need other contents from the house moved out and stored while repairs are being done

Why not just buy new furniture and electronics with my insurance money?

Shiny and new is always an option but there are just some things that aren't replaceable and we are here to help with those! That is a very common thought that we encounter.

Depending on your policy limits and verbiage, you might be able to just replace items. Our services are beneficial because most of the time, restoration and cleaning are less expensive than replacement.

We also help salvage items that are much more valuable, both monetarily and sentimentally.

What happens if I am unhappy with the results?

A couple of our values are 'Accountability' and 'Integrity' - we take great pride in our work and if there is something not to your liking we will work with you to remedy any issues within our power to fix.

Our objective on each job is to continue to create Blue Ox Fans - we are kind of the super heroes when it comes to restoration and working with clients like you! Our goal at Blue Ox Restoration is to bring back your items to pre-loss condition or better.

If for any reason you are unhappy with the restoration, you can notify your insurance company that you would like that item replaced.

Fire & Smoke Restoration FAQs

What does fire damage recovery entail?

Fire and smoke recovery includes cleaning and removing soot present on your belongings. Much of the time, fire damages are also accompanied by losses due to water and chemicals from firefighting efforts. We then provide water damage cleanup, drying, and restoration services.

Is it safe to enter my property after a fire?

We strongly advise that you avoid re-entering your home or business following a fire. Beyond the concerns of smoke inhalation, fire and smoke weaken structures substantially, risking collapse.

Can the smell of smoke be removed?

Yes! Once we have removed all soot from your contents, our fire restoration team will take them to our facility to be thoroughly cleaned. After cleaning, they will be placed in an ozone room where they will be deodorized, removing all smells from the fire and smoke.

Water Damage Restoration FAQs

What should I do first? Call my insurance company?

As a matter of fact, no. Your insurance company prefers you call a restoration company to begin water cleanup and fix your water damage as quickly as possible. If possible, turn off any water valves you can access.

If applicable, call a plumber to fix the leak. The faster our crews arrive, the more destruction we can help prevent to your business or property. You'll still want to call your insurance company, but you shouldn't wait for an adjuster to arrive before beginning any kind of water damage restoration.

If you plan to file a claim, they'll need an assessment of the damage and restoration estimate anyway. Calling us speeds up the process. 832.415.9116

What does the water damage restoration process entail?

To start, we assess the water damage. We determine what can be salvaged and what needs to be disposed of, then make sure the items are initially cleaned on site.

Staying ahead of any potential mold growth is something we prioritize with water damage restoration. We train our technicians to restore property before replacing it, if possible. Blue Ox is not a construction company that got into restoration - we specialize in specifically handling the contents of your home.

Can water damage be hidden? What are the signs of water damage?

Absolutely. Some signs of hidden house flood water damage include:

  • Peeling paint and wallpaper
  • Visible mold
  • Moisture and condensation
  • Musty odors
  • Increase of insect or pest activity
  • Moisture or dampness in your carpet or other flooring.

Many times, homeowners have water sitting in a crawl space and are unaware.

What happens after my belongings are dry?

After the damage is mitigated, repairs may be necessary. Anything that needs to be repaired will be done at this time. Any items that do not need to be repaired will be added to the rest of your contents, which are stored in our air conditioned and climate-controlled warehouse.

Storm and Hurricane Restoration FAQs

What should I do after a hurricane floods my home or business?

Contact a restoration company immediately. Restoration companies get multiple calls from businesses impacted by severe storms and natural disasters, so it's important to get on their list as quickly as possible.

By contacting a water damage restoration company immediately, the remediation process begins right away and your home is one step closer to being back to normal.

Should I call my insurance company first after hurricane or storm damage to my business?

Insurance companies advise home or business owners to contact water damage restoration companies first after a hurricane hits the property.

Because water causes more damage the longer it sits, the sooner our water damage restoration specialists begin the cleanup process, the more we can salvage.
Calling us speeds up the process. 832.415.9116

As a company that specializes in contents cleaning, we are certified and continue to educate ourselves as the industry innovates

This allows us to remain knowledgeable on the most technologically advanced practices in contents cleaning, making us the premier choice for contents restoration in Houston.

Our certifications include:

  • CPT - Contents Processing Technician

    • Our CPT's are experts trained on best practices of contents processing based on available technology and resources. We are certified on how to conduct inspections, inventorying, wrapping, packing, transport, cleaning science, deodorizing, post-cleaning evaluation, storage, and pack back principles (chain of custody).
  • WRT - Water Damage Restoration Technician

    • Our WRT's possess the knowledge to perform remediation work with an understanding of water damage, its effects, and techniques for drying structures. We know and practice the procedures necessary to deal with water losses, sewer backflows, and contamination such as mold.
  • The Applied Structural Drying (ASD) Certification

    • This covers the effective, efficient, and timely drying of water-damaged structures and contents within a restorative drying environment. We are able to perform drying strategies while protecting the health and safety of workers and occupants.

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