Moving Apps

Smart phones have brought many modern day conveniences to everyday tasks, so why should moving be any different? Here are five great moving apps you may want to consider for your big day.

Moving Planner

For those of you that live by your automated alerts, you are going to love Moving planner. Simply drop in your moving date and Moving Planner will remind you of when you need to tend to important tasks, such as buy moving materials, notify your utilities services or contacting Blue Ox for free quote!

Moving Van

In our staying organized blog, we recommend labeling each box and keeping an inventory of what is inside. This app takes that approach one step further by allowing you to inventory and take photos of what is inside each box! Can’t remember which box you put your pasta strainer in? Run a quick search and moving Van will locate it instantly! That is, assuming your logged each item.

Moving Day

Okay, this isn’t really a useful tool for moving, but it does make for a fun distraction. This free download makes for a few hours of family friendly amusement. As the game developer puts it:

“Alfie’s impatient assistant keeps driving off before Alfie has finished packing; leaving a bundle of boxes and a string of items strewn on the street. It’s up to YOU to help Alfie get the boxes back to van as fast as you can!”

Games come in many forms and can be useful for keeping kiddos busy while you are packing up boxes or hitting the road for the long haul. However, be sure to screen them closely as not all games are family friendly.


You have arrived at your new home, your stuff is packed in neatly stacked boxes and it is dinner time. Who wants takeout? On your first day in a new town, Yelp is a terrific tool for finding local hot-spots. Yelp uses user reviews to rate the best (and worst) of everything from restaurants to bookstores.

State Farm MoveToolsTM

The folks over at State Farm have created a brilliant moving app that has a very comprehensive to-do list and some incredibly handy functions. Our favorite by far is the labeling function. Once you have logged all your items in a box, you can then print a label off online. Each label has a barcode you can scan with the app to access the inventory of what is inside!

The app will also log the value of items as you pack up each box. This can be very useful later down the line if you plan to look into home insurance or renters insurance… which of course State Farm offers.