Moving Tips

Houston local movers and packing

Professional Packing Versus Packing Yourself

Moving involves a multitude of details that have to be attended to and decisions to be made. One of those decisions is if you should pack yourself or hire professionals? Professional packers have the know-how and experience to get your belongings packed safely and efficiently.   What to Expect When You Hire A Professional Packer Professional …

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Moving tools

Moving Your Tools

So, you’re ready to move. You know just how to pack the dishes, your clothing, and even all of your books, but what about your tools? Large tools with long, awkward handles, short tools with sharp blades, drawers full of nuts, bolts, and other loose items — It can be a daunting task. When moving …

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Moving Pets

As we prepare for a move, there are many things we have to think of. We know Fluffy and Fido will be coming to our new home, but have we really carefully planned out just how we will get them there? Pets are an extended part of our family, and as living creatures, their comfort …

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Moving an Aquarium

You have found a new home, your boxes are packed, and you are anxiously waiting for moving day. All of the preparation it takes to move across town or across the country is bound to make a few waves — But that’s the LAST thing you want if you’re moving an aquarium! Relocating our fish …

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Moving Mistakes

Relocation is a serious task, and if you aren’t properly prepared for it, you can end up with big expenses, and even bigger headaches! Moving requires you to plan ahead and stay organized. Here are five of the top Houston house moving mistakes that you need to avoid. Know What You’re Getting Into Research your …

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Military Moves

Family life in the military comes with its own unique set of stressors. Don’t let moving be one more thing to add to the list! Military moves are a little different than regular moves since it is not uncommon to get little or no notice! Whether it is your first move, or your fifteenth, with …

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Moving a Home Library

Tips for Moving a Home Library Even with modern technology, and the evolution of e-readers, there is always something so comforting about our favorite books sitting on the shelf. Moving a home library can be a daunting task. You’ll want to begin with a plan, and decide ahead of time how much space you will …

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Renters Insurance

When do you need renters insurance? If you are moving into an apartment or leasing a home, you may be considering renters insurance. As with any type of insurance, there is always the chance that you could pay for it the entire time you are in your home and never need it. While some renters …

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