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So, you’re ready to move. You know just how to pack the dishes, your clothing, and even all of your books, but what about your tools? Large tools with long, awkward handles, short tools with sharp blades, drawers full of nuts, bolts, and other loose items — It can be a daunting task. When moving tools, here are a few tips to keep your gear together.

Keep it Together

Take all of your long tools such as brooms, rakes, and shovels, and bundle them together tightly. You can purchase zip ties at your local home improvement store. These are a great way to secure these long items, and to keep them from sliding out, or moving around. Once they are bundled, they can be wrapped in a moving blanket and secured with duct tape so that they can be transported safely.

Everything in Its Place

If possible, keep all of your small hand tools in the original cases. These cases were designed to carry the tool, and it’s the best place for them. Check the latches on each case to ensure they snap shut firmly. If you have any loose closures, secure them with duct tape to keep them from popping open during transport. If you have multiple hand tools, you can load all of the individual cases into one large plastic tub. Once it is loaded, use wadded up newspaper to fill in any gaps, and keep the items snugly in place. Put the lid on the tub, and seal it with duct tape as well, to keep the lid nice and tight during the move. Zip-Lock freezer bags are a great way to store various sizes of nuts, bolts, and other small, loose pieces. The bags come with a write-on label, so you can easily identify the contents of each bag.

Gas Powered Items

Lawnmowers, weed eaters, and trimmers that run on gas will need to be drained before they can be packed in the moving van. The easiest and safest way to do this is to simply run the items until they are out of gas. If that is not an option, you will want to carefully drain the gas and oil into SEPARATE containers. Dumping either of these into the trash, or into street rain gutters is illegal. Fortunately, many auto parts stores and gas stations will accept your used gas and oil. If you’re having trouble finding a place, try contacting the people at for suggestions.

Safety First

Be sure to pack all bladed tools separate from the rest. If they do not have the original cases, wrap any exposed sharp edges in multiple layers of something thick and protective, and secure with duct tape. LABEL these with LARGE letters warning the movers of the potential danger.

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