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You have your closing date, and it’s time to prepare for your move. The neighborhood is well-appointed, and the schools are exemplary. Now it’s time to plan and execute the move to your new home. This time can be stressful for everyone, including the kids. But there are things you can do to make it easier for everyone in the family. Here we share tips to help you through the moving process when moving with kids.

Communicate Your Plans

The first thing on the agenda is telling your kids about the moving plans. Tell them this as early as possible. There are a host of things that may worry them. The sooner you can address these issues, the better. Once you know their concerns, you will know how to help them with the idea of moving. Let them know when the move will happen, where you’ll be moving, and all about the moving process. Ask them if they have any questions and offer answers to those inquires.

Follow a Moving Plan and Get the Kids Involved

Download the Blue Ox Moving & Storage Ultimate Moving Checklist and allow them to work through the checklist with you. Make a final plan for the week of the move, deciding your meals and what to include in the moving day bags. Give them their own to-do list. 

Pack Smart

When packing your house, try to do most of this when the kids are in daycare, school, or napping. It’s much easier to pack and purge without them around. Remember the moving day bag that will hold all the essentials for the last night in your current home for each person in your family. Purge those toys and clothes, putting them aside for donation or a yard sale. Let them go through their belongings, finding things they are ready to give away to those who need them. Call on Blue Ox Moving & Storage for our packing service to make it easier.

Be Enthusiastic

When talking about the move, be positive. One way to spread the enthusiasm is to allow them to decide the paint colors, bedding, and artwork for their room. Once moved in, let them be in charge of their room set up.

Get Some Help

For some families, a babysitter is the answer. Hire a sitter if you need extra help with the kids for the day of the move! Have your sitter take your kiddos for a walk to get some air, choose a designated kid’s zone for the big day.

Visit Your New Home

Drive over to your new home. Allow them to take in the neighborhood and the house itself. Show them the community’s unique amenities or all of the fun places nearby.

Plan a Big Goodbye

It can be hard to say goodbye to friends and neighbors. Especially if you’re moving from a community you have lived in for a long time. Plan a moving party for your kids and their friends. If they have to change schools, they will also have to bid farewell to their classmates.

Assemble a Moving Day Fun Kit

Pick up some fun toys, bubbles, art supplies, books, and more for moving day. Present them only on the day of the move. Keeping them occupied will help things go smoothly and allow you to focus on the move. 

Timing & Routine Matter

Timing and keeping a routine is crucial for small kids. Pack their current rooms last and set them up first in the new home. If you keep their room together for as long as you can, it can help to make the transition easier. Keep their routines, especially bedtimes.

Use Your Supplies

Use your moving boxes to create a special place for them while in transition. Turn a box on its side and set it up as their cave. Place their favorite blankets, toys, and pillow. They aren’t underfoot when they are in the box, keeping them occupied.

Blue Ox Makes it Easy

Moving with kids can make an already stressful day even more stressful. Communicate with your kids, get them involved, and ensure that they have things to do on the day of your big move. If you know that you’ll need help on moving day, call on friend or family or arrange a sitter as soon as possible.

Blue Ox Moving & Storage are experts in residential moving. Blue Ox Moving & Storage provides a reliable moving service. We are local, licensed, and insured. Reach out for your complimentary moving estimate today! Partner with us and let us help you coordinate your residential move in Houston and the surrounding areas.

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