Professional Packing Versus Packing Yourself

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Moving involves a multitude of details that have to be attended to and decisions to be made. One of those decisions is if you should pack yourself or hire professionals? Professional packers have the know-how and experience to get your belongings packed safely and efficiently.  

What to Expect When You Hire A Professional Packer

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Professional packers employ methodical processes that help them to not only ensure that your belongings are intact when the packers arrive at your new place, but that you will be able to find particular items when it is time to unpack.

  • Liability – Your house mover that handles the transport of your belongings from one home to the next has limited liability when you have packed your belongings yourself. 
  • Proper Packing Techniques – Professional packers can pack your goods in such a way that minimizes damages to your possessions. They also have knowledge concerning items that are safe to transport and what are considered hazardous.
  • Organization – When professional packers pack up your belongings for you, they will ask for your help to organize them by room, and they will label each box. 
  • Faster Packing – When working with a professional packer, one of the best advantages is that they are unattached. Unlike you, they have no sentimental attachments to belongings and won’t spend time reminiscing while packing. They move systematically from room to room much faster than you are likely to. Going through your belongings before their arrival gives you a chance to decide which you will keep, and their job will run much more smoothly when you have made those choices.  
  • Inventory – Your professional packing team will provide you with a detailed checklist to track all packed items.
  • Orderly Packing – Professional packers work meticulously, moving from room to room. They are well-versed in the proper order of packing. They pack items on counters, empty and fill your built-ins, and end with packing your decorative wall pieces. As they pack, they label each box and neatly stack it with the label facing out to have it ready for your movers when they arrive.

Mistakes Homeowners Make When Packing

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Failing to Prepare for the Packing Process

Many people forget the crucial first step. This step should not be missed, whether you pack yourself or hire a professional mover. Go through your items and select those that really shouldn’t be going with you like clothes that are no longer worn, old bedding and run down kitchen appliances. Go through each room and purge things that are no longer needed. Then bundle them together in separate bags for trash, donations, and yard sale items. 

  • Having the right materials before you begin to pack is very important. Without having everything you need in one place, delays are inevitable. Gather and assemble all the boxes you think you will need.  
  • When selecting boxes, you must make sure that the boxes chosen are appropriate for the items they will hold.  
  • Choose the right tape for the job. You will want to make sure that anything boxed stays in the box.  
  • Have labels on hand to immediately mark the box as you pack to keep your belongings organized. 
  • Have a game plan that works for you before you begin to pack. If you start packing your kitchen, bathroom, or home office a month before moving, you may find yourself going back into those boxes several times. Start packing those rooms and items that are seldom used and leave those more vital rooms for last.  

Improper Packing

  • Packing that has no rhyme or reason will leave searching for items when you arrive at your new home. 
  • Choosing the wrong box size for the contents. Failing to pack items according to the box’s ability can lead to injuries for the movers and you. You could also end up breaking things that are in containers that cannot handle the weight.  
  • Old or previously boxes may not be strong enough to handle another move. 

Layering Items Improperly

  • Layering heavy items at the top of your boxes will lead to injury to the things at the bottom and make them cumbersome when transporting them. 
  • Leaving empty spaces when packing boxes. Professional packers will move to the next room if they have a package that has not been filled to complete the box. Correctly filling the box to its full capacity helps to prevent damage to your items. They may also use packing material around belongings to ensure that the box is not empty and the things inside are securely placed as they are moved. 

Using the Wrong Packing Materials

  • Some people opt for plastic boxes and totes, but these containers can be easily cracked. Those are more appropriate for storing items in one place.  
  • Using the wrong packing tape can make a mess and cause damage to your belongings.  
  • Forgetting the labels on your boxes leaves your movers without any direction when moving you into your new home. 
  • Professional packers know which boxes to use and the correct packing materials to protect items that need to be protected. 

Incorrect Storage

After you’ve spent time properly storing your belongings, we’ve some of our customers improperly store their newly packed goods. There are many things that can go wrong if your storage is not done correctly. Questions to ask of your storage facility might include:

  1. How much space will you need?
  2. Where will your goods be stored?
  3. What kind of ability will you have to access your goods during the transition.
  4. What kind of flexibility will you have to extend or shorten your storage?
  5. Will the storage have electricity?
  6. What kind of security is in place?
  7. Will you need a long-term or short-term storage lease?

Our services include professional packing and Houston storage services but there are other self-storage options in Houston as well.

Working With a Professional Packer

Your Houston professional packer will protect your home before gathering all packing materials. As they carefully pack your goods, they will mark them by the room that was packed. You need to be at home and available while your professional packing is being done. Give them space and ensure that children and pets are out of their way.  

Your professional packer should not decide what stays and what goes with you to your new home. It would help if you separated what you intended to give to donations or display on an upcoming yard sale. All laundry should be out of the machines and your dishwasher should be empty. If there are items in the home that will not be going with you clearly marked them as “Not for Packing” items. 

Make sure that everything is completely packed around the home before saying goodbye to your packing team. Check all cabinets, closets, and drawers.  

Leaving the packing to professional packers is often the best choice. They are trained to pack items tightly and with care. They work to use every box wisely and to capacity without over or under filling it. When you need to ensure that everything is organized, properly packed, and efficient, letting them handle your house, packing is your best bet. 

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