How to Be a Good Neighbor When Moving

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Your move is coming up and you’re thinking about all of those last-minute details that must be handled. Among those should be figuring out if you are doing what you need to do to be a good neighbor to your current neighbors.  Next, give a little thought about what you will do to be a good neighbor in your new community.

Moving etiquette isn’t something that we think of, we are just trying to get everything moved from one place to another.  Your old, and new neighbors, would appreciate moving courtesy just as you would. 

Here we share tips to help you leave your neighborhood on the right note and set the right tone as you enter your new community.  

Make a Plan

Planning your move will help everything to go smoothly and help you prepare to be a good neighbor. When you jot down your dates, important information, and make those important calls include the things you can do to be a good neighbor. Also, when scheduling your move with your moving company make sure you don’t schedule a time that will result in your moving company and the garbage truck being in the street at the same time.

To help you plan your move, Blue Ox has assembled the Ultimate Moving Checklist.  Download this handy guide and follow along as it guides you week by week.

How Your Move Affects Your Neighbors

Your move can affect your neighbors.  They are going on with their daily lives, trying to get things done.  Moving trucks that block their driveways and loud moving crews that disrupt their sleep can really ruin what was once a good relationship with your old neighbors.  The same can give your new neighbors a bad impression of you and make them wonder what they have to look forward to having you as a neighbor.  

Tips on Being a Good Neighbor When Moving

Hire a Professional and Reputable Moving Company

Ensuring that the company and the actual movers that come out to your home are licensed, insured, and professional will help to ensure that your neighbors aren’t adversely affected by your move.  When your movers conduct themselves well this reflects well on you.  

Scheduling is Important

When moving during the week, try to schedule your move when your neighbors have already left their homes for work.  The moving truck may need the extra space and neighbors won’t have to stop your movers to ask them to move their truck when they need to get on their way. Before the date of your move, figure out how your moving truck is going to interfere with their lives.  If so, let them know and get permission to use the space in front of their house.   If you live in a building, this is also important as hallways may be impeded while your neighbors are trying to get to work. It is also important to let your management know of your plans so they can ensure that cargo elevators are available.

Sharing Your News

Depending on how close you have become, it may be appropriate to let them know that you will be moving.  This is especially important if you want to maintain the relationship.  Think about packages and mail that may still be delivered to the old house.  If you want an ally in your old neighborhood, let them know about your move and exchange contact information if you haven’t already.

Monitor Your Moving Crew

The Blue Ox staff are moving professionals who will respect your home and your community. But there are times when other movers arrive with loud music, shout to each other throughout the move, and leave garbage about.  Make sure that you are paying attention and handle any situations that arise.

Saying Goodbye

You’ll want to say your farewells far ahead of your moving day.  Exchange information and thank them for being such great neighbors.  

Meeting Your New Neighbors

Meeting your new neighbours

All of the tips above apply to your new neighborhood.  But there are also things you need to do to get settled in as a new neighbor. 

Simply introduce yourself. 

If you see them before your move let them know that you will be moving and let them know the date and time so they will know what to expect on your moving day.  When you are moving in they will probably be watching, give them a wave. 

When the movers are gone and you have settled in stop by and say hello. Exchange contact information if you feel comfortable once you have been able to get a good idea about whether or not you want to build a neighborly relationship with them.

Keep Your Home in Good Shape

Keep your yard well maintained and clutter-free.  Make sure your plants, bushes, and trees don’t intrude on their space.  Maintain your home and keep it looking its best.

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