How to Prepare Large Appliances for a Move

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When preparing for your move, you probably are focused on getting all your belongings in moving boxes. But it’s important to remember your large appliances. Don’t wait until the last minute to get them prepared. Whether you’re moving your belongings yourself or have a professional moving company handling your move, all of your large appliances must be ready before moving day. While it may seem like a big job, Blue Ox Moving & Storage shares these tips to help you get it all done.  

First Steps to Prepare Your Appliances

Start the prepping process at least three days before your move. Your appliances will need twenty-four hours to dry out completely. And before you begin to prepare your large appliances for the move, take the time to follow some of our recommendations below:

  • Check your closing paperwork to ensure your appliances are not included in the sale of your new home or your current home.
  • Make your menu for the week prior to your move using the perishables in your fridge and freezer.
  • You can store any unused perishables in a cooler if you’re moving nearby.
  • Re-check the measurements of your appliances against the space they will occupy in your new home.
  • Check that you have the needed power supply, outlets, and plugs.
  • Read the user’s manual for any tips they may offer for moving the appliance.
  • Contact the gas company for information on disconnecting and safely connecting appliances.
  • Schedule any technicians needed for installation in your new home.

Tips for All Appliances

There are a few things you’ll need to do to all appliances, including:

  • Disconnect the appliance – Some moving companies will not disconnect appliances.
  • Remove everything from the appliance.
  • Secure all your cords so they won’t get tangled during the move.
  • Clean your appliances
  • Use a storage bag to keep your extra parts or wiring along with the manufacturer’s owner’s manual.

Preparing Your Washer and Dryer

To prepare your washer and dryer during the move:

  • Turn off your washing machine’s electric and water supply before disconnecting and draining the hoses.
  • Wrap the metal connecter of those hoses in a towel and put them into the washing machine drum.
  • Allow a professional to disconnect your gas dryer and cap off the gas line.
  • Unplug the electrical power and clean your lint screen.

Prepping Your Refrigerator

Defrost your freezer, clean your refrigerator, and unplug it at least twenty-four hours before moving the appliance. Disconnect and completely drain the water line and empty the water reservoir. Clean and dry all shelves and clean out your drip tray. Use a storage bag to keep your bins, shelves, loose parts, and manufacturer’s manual. Schedule a professional to reconnect your new home’s ice maker and water dispenser. Once you’re in your new home, give your refrigerator and freezer about twenty-four hours before using them.

Preparing Your Stove

If you’re taking your stove with you, clean your stove and oven and remove the racks. Schedule a technician to disconnect and cap off the gas line and reconnect the stove in your new home. Consult with the gas company before disconnecting the gas. Electric stoves are much easier to manage; just ensure your power supply in the new home is sufficient.

Prepping Your Dishwasher

If you’ve just purchased a new dishwasher, you’ll want to take it to your new home, especially if all of your appliances match. Before moving your dishwasher turn off the electric and water supply before disconnecting and draining the hoses. Wrap your hoses with towels and place them inside your dishwasher. Clean it thoroughly and leave it open for a few hours to completely dry.

Trust Blue Ox Moving & Storage to Move Your Large Appliances

Moving your appliances on your own may save you money, but not if you damage the items during the move. Blue Ox Moving & Storage professionals are experienced in handling appliance moves. They wrap them, secure them for the move, and get them into place much easier. They also have all the tools to get the job done quickly. When you schedule your move with Blue Ox Moving & Storage, you can rest assured that all of your belongings and home will be handled with care. Our professionals can also offer assistance and tips to prepare your appliances. The Blue Ox team has a proven moving process that makes our client’s moves quick and efficient. Just see what our client’s have to say! We’ve assembled the Blue Ox Moving & Storage Ultimate Moving Checklist to guide you through every aspect of your move. Download it today! For your complimentary custom moving estimate, call us at 832-934-2583 or click here today!

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