Houston Moving Company Shares 17 Items To Have During Your Move

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Moving to a new home should be a joyous time. Being well-prepared is key to ensuring a smooth transition, whether your upcoming move is just around the corner or to a brand-new city. To sidestep the hassle of last-minute store runs or the frustration of rummaging through boxes for necessities, it’s crucial to have your moving essentials readily available.

So, Blue Ox Moving & Storage is here to guide you through the process. We’ve meticulously compiled a list of 17 indispensable items designed to streamline your moving experience, ensuring that your first steps into your new place are as effortless as possible. Keep this list handy, and remember to add any personal touches or specific needs your family might have. Let’s make your moving day a breeze together.

17 Items to Have During Your Move

1.    Essential Clothing for the Initial Days

Clothes for a Few Days

When starting in your new home, it’s important to have the outfits you need prepared and within reach. It’s more than just about packing; it’s about selecting the proper clothing for the season and your immediate needs, whether for your new job or your daily workout routine. And make sure you pack a set of pajamas.

Getting into fresh, clean clothes after your move can make all the difference in how you feel. Also, pack hangers in a plastic bin. This keeps them organized and readily accessible.

2.    Ready Funds

Spending Money for Moving Day

The first days in your new residence will undoubtedly involve expenses. Whether you’re tipping your movers, stocking up on groceries, getting emergency supplies, or buying a new home gadget, having your financial tools at hand is crucial. Ensure you have your credit and debit cards, checkbook, and a reasonable amount of cash readily available.

3.    Vital Documents

Important Documents

Having your crucial documents—your driver’s license, passport, Social Security card, and banking information—should be a top priority. Misplacing these essentials amidst the chaos can lead to unnecessary stress and complications. It’s common to keep certain documents like your driver’s license and lease agreement or closing papers on hand, but equally essential documents require careful handling.

Our advice? Keep these irreplaceable documents in a secure, accessible location throughout the move. This ensures peace of mind, knowing your identity and vital records are safe and within reach when needed.

4.    DIY Toolkit

DIY Toolkit for Moving Day

For homeowners and renters alike, a well-stocked DIY toolkit is indispensable for those first days in a new home and beyond. From assembling new furniture pieces and fixtures to making adjustments around the house, essential tools can save you time, energy, and possibly a trip to the hardware store. Remember, your toolkit should be more than just a collection of items; it should be a set of solutions for the myriad tasks that come with settling into a new space.

Essential items include a hammer for those quick fixes, various-sized screwdrivers for assembly and adjustments, pliers for gripping and bending, a measuring tape for space planning, and a utility knife for unpacking. A flashlight and duct tape are also must-haves, illuminating dark corners and providing quick fixes. Pack your toolkit in a clearly labeled box, ensuring it’s easily accessible upon arrival.

5.    Pet Care Kit

Pet Care Kit for Moving Day

Moving with pets adds another layer of consideration to your transition. Preparing a pet care kit is crucial to ensure your furry companions feel safe and comfortable during this upheaval. This kit should include their favorite food, water bowls, a water dispenser, and treats to keep them content and occupied.

Don’t overlook their leash for safe outdoor breaks, medications, and a few familiar toys to help them adjust to the new surroundings. Remember, your pets sense and react to the stress of moving, so keeping their essentials handy can help ease their transition and provide a sense of normalcy amid the chaos.

6.    Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supply Kit for Moving Day

A fresh start in a new home often begins with a thorough cleaning. A cleaning kit will be indispensable. Basic yet essential supplies should include a multi-purpose cleaner, paper towels, rags, sponges, a broom, a dustpan, and rubber gloves.

For more intensive cleaning, adding a mop, bucket, toilet bowl cleaner, and a small vacuum or handheld vacuum can ensure your new space meets your standards of cleanliness from the get-go. Garbage bags are necessary for disposing of any moving day debris, such as packing materials and snack wrappers. A clean home is welcoming, and having these supplies ready ensures you can tackle any mess as you unpack and settle in.

7.    Essential Kitchenware


Making sure you have a few pots and pans is critical. While the convenience of take-out might be tempting on your first night, having a mix of durable dishware and disposable options ( paper plates, bowls, cups) ensures you’re prepared for any situation. Stock up on extra utensils, including plastic forks, knives, and an ample supply of napkins and paper towels, to handle meals and cleanups during those initial days.

8.    Bedding

Bedding for Moving Day

Ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep from the first night is crucial, making bedding an essential yet often overlooked aspect of moving. Air mattresses, pillows, sheets, and comforters are indispensable for a good night’s rest after a long day of moving activities. To avoid the inconvenience of searching for bedding essentials late into the night, include them in your essentials kit.

9.    Bathroom Necessities

Bathroom Essentials for Moving Day

Maintaining your daily hygiene routine is vital, even in the moving chaos. Keep your toothpaste, soap, shampoo, conditioner, other toiletries, toilet paper, and cosmetics readily accessible to ensure they arrive at your new home on day one. Remember the shower curtain with rings. These things make your bathroom immediately usable, turning it into a comforting space where daily routines can seamlessly continue.

10.  Tech Essentials

Devices for Moving Day

Electronic devices are pivotal in our daily lives, especially during a move. Ensure you pack not only the essential gadgets like smartphones, laptops, and entertainment devices but also consider work and school necessities that will make your move and subsequent days less disruptive. Remember, the functionality of these devices hinges on their chargers; a dead battery on moving day can add unnecessary stress.

From phone chargers to those for laptops, tablets, and even wearable tech, keeping these accessories within easy reach is crucial. Investing in a power bank can be a lifesaver, offering an emergency power source for your devices when outlets are inaccessible. And let’s not forget about the humble battery – still a staple for many household items like TV remotes and flashlights.

11.  Nourishment on the Quick

Snacks for Moving Day

Moving is a heavy job, so staying hydrated and energized is essential. While local eateries and delivery services provide convenient meal options, having a snack can keep hunger at bay during the busiest moments. Stock up on easy-to-consume foods like granola bars, fresh fruit, and trail mix, and ensure you have plenty of water available.

Keeping these items in an easily accessible box means you and your moving team can refuel as needed without pausing progress. Pack a cooler with water and drinks to ensure refreshments are cool and refreshing, especially if immediate access to refrigeration at your new home is uncertain.

12.  First Aid

First Aid for Moving Day

Moving day is full of opportunities for minor injuries, from cuts and scrapes to muscle strains. Having a first aid kit on hand is not just a recommendation; it’s a necessity. Equip your kit with various bandages, antiseptic wipes, gauze, antibiotic ointment, and essential medications such as pain relievers.

Keep a well-stocked first aid kit within easy reach to ensure a quick and effective response to any medical needs. It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

13.  Last-Minute Packing Essentials

Last minute packing essentials Houston moving

Be prepared to box up those last-minute items that can’t be boxed until the final hours. Keep a reserve of boxes ready for these eleventh-hour essentials. Consult with your move coordinator to estimate the appropriate number of boxes for your needs. Make sure you have ready packing and labeling supplies like Sharpies, paper, and tape.

14.  Health and Wellness Kit

Health and Wellness Needs

Prioritizing health during your move is paramount, especially for those with specific medical needs. Ensure that all essential medications are readily accessible, including over-the-counter pain relievers for unexpected aches, allergy medications for seasonal sensitivities, and contact lens solution to avoid discomfort. A health and wellness kit that is easily accessible during the move can mitigate minor health nuisances and keep everyone comfortable and focused on the move.

15.  Entertainment

Bluetooth Speakers for Moving Day

Maintaining morale during the move is essential, and having entertainment options available can make the time pass more enjoyable. From streaming music on Bluetooth speakers to packing a selection of eBooks, CDs, or even coloring books for the kids, entertainment can significantly lighten the mood. For those long distances or initial days without cable or internet, consider pre-downloading movies or bringing along favorite books to ensure everyone has something to enjoy, offering a much-needed break from the unpacking chaos.

16. Safety Measures

Fire Safety When Moving

The excitement of cooking your first meal in your new home comes with ensuring safety measures. Having a fire extinguisher accessible in the kitchen is a critical safety precaution, particularly as you familiarize yourself with new appliances and their quirks. Whether it’s a carry-over from your previous home or a new purchase, placing a fire extinguisher in a visible and easily accessible place for peace of mind and preparedness for future cooking adventures.

17. The Blue Ox Ultimate Moving Checklist

Blue Ox Moving & Storage Prepare for Your Move Checklist

Don’t let the complexities of moving overwhelm you. Download the Blue Ox Moving & Storage Ultimate Moving Checklist, your comprehensive guide to a successful move. From the initial planning stages to the big moving day, this tool is designed to keep you organized and on track.

It’s like having a personal moving assistant, ensuring no detail is overlooked in moving activities. Download it early in your planning process to maximize its benefits and simplify your move.

Partner with a houston moving company for a Successful Move

Why settle for less when you can have a stress-free transition to your new home? Blue Ox Moving & Storage, your trusted Houston moving company, is here to make your move a breeze. Whether you need extra space to streamline your move or expert packing and moving services, we’ve got you covered. With us, moving day becomes an exciting step towards your future, not a daunting challenge.

If you need short- or long-term storage, renting a storage unit with us is straightforward and accessible, allowing you to declutter and organize your belongings with ease. And if your moving needs are urgent, our team of experienced move coordinators is ready to assist you with practical moving advice and solutions, even at the last minute. We offer a full range of services to meet your needs, including moving, packing, and even temperature-controlled storage to protect your valuable items.

At Blue Ox Moving & Storage, we’re not just a moving company. We’re your partners in making your move a stress-free and memorable journey. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are here to guide you every step of the way. 

Make sure you browse our blog for more helpful tips and guides. Why navigate the complexities of moving on your own when you can have a team of experts by your side? Reach out to us at (832) 934-2583 or request your estimate online today.

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